Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Ansuka Group Ltd are committed to keeping all our colleagues safe and well in this COVID19 pandemic. We consider both the Government guidelines and the local R-Rate (Rate of Infection) to determine social distancing and other controls. Attached are the control measures in situ across Ansuka Group including BCW Manufacturing Group.

> Download our COVID-19 On-Site PDF

> Download our COVID-19 Visiting Others PDF

> Download our COVID-19 Working at Home PDF

> Download our Signed Government Form COVID-19 PDF

New Ansuka Board Member

Our parent group, Ansuka have recently announced a newly appointed Board Member Graham Capell. 

Brent Collins MD - Latest Update Nov 2020

At BCW we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times and would like to thank our dedicated team for their contribution and efforts to safeguard our business.  

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