BCW Sponsor PHD student to ensure continued Innovation

BCW Treatments Ltd instigated a new venture with the University of Manchester and invested in PhD student Dominic Shore.  The PhD is developed through the EPRSC Centre for Doctoral Training in Materials for Demanding Environments programme.  He will be working on the next generation of aluminium oxide coatings for bond durability which is being driven by the need for the world to develop greener processes.  BCW Treatments Ltd felt it was their corporate social responsibility to develop a more environmentally friendly coating process than its existing anodising process.

Dominic Shore graduated in 2015 from Queen Mary, University of London with a 1st class BEng degree in Materials Science & Engineering.  In 2017 he obtained a Master’s Degree in Materials Engineering, Swansea University.  He started his PHD training late last year which will come to an end September 2021, his experimental work will continue at an academic level alongside both Professor Allan Matthews and Dr Aleksey Yerokhin.  Working in collaboration with the University of Manchester ensures access to all university state-of-the-art analytical equipment which is required to develop the new generation of aluminium oxide coatings for bond durability.

When BCW’s Dr’s Andy Wilson and DR J.C Avelar-Batista Wilson approached the University they were welcomed by both Prof. Allan Matthews and Dr Aleksey Yerokhin as they have previously worked together on other ventures and were keen to progress the concept.  Prof Allan Matthews is an expert in the field of surface engineering.  Dr Aleksey Yerokhin has extensively worked with electrolytical processes and has numerous publications in this area. BCW Treatments are excited about the development and hope that it will revolutionize the process and would struggle to achieve this without any university collaboration.

From left to right:

Professor Allan Matthews  – Professor of Surface Engineering and Tribology, School of Materials and Director of the BP International Centre for Advanced Materials (BP-ICAM), The University of Manchester;

Dominic Shore – PhD student, School of Materials, The University of Manchester;

Dr Aleksey Yerokhin, School of Materials, Lecturer in Surface Engineering of Materials, The University of Manchester.

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