Smart Manufacturing

At the heart of our facility is the smart factory where, with the installation of machine intelligence and real-time controls we are able to manufacture, enter new markets, deliver better products, and get ahead of operational challenges such as equipment maintenance and factory downtime.

At BCW we have welcomed the move to becoming a smart factory and are seeing huge benefits.

Connectivity - processes, machines, and people are connected to improve efficiency.

Optimization - high levels of automation to increase uptime and productivity.

Agility - configurable factory layouts and implementation of product changes in real-time.

Transparency - visibility across all operations to allow real-time decision making.

Proactive – automated re-stocking, fault detection, and safety monitoring.

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New Ansuka Board Member

Our parent group, Ansuka have recently announced a newly appointed Board Member Graham Capell. 

Brent Collins MD - Latest Update Nov 2020

At BCW we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times and would like to thank our dedicated team for their contribution and efforts to safeguard our business.  

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