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Conversion Coating

We have the capability to provide both ferrous and non-ferrous conversion coating services, producing a superior corrosion resistant barrier layer and excellent adhesion properties for wet paint and powder coating applications. This is a fully automated process with a holding weight of 1000kg.

Additionally, our conversion coating capabilities include the H3P Technologies R-Phos 720CF passivate for the pre-treatment of aluminium alloys and galvanised steel, and H3P Technologies R-Phos 615 passivate for the pre-treatment of iron and steel. These are both rapid non-electrolytic chrome and phosphate-free passivates, providing excellent corrosion resistance in addition to their own individual benefits.

We operate our conversion coating services from our new 4,000m² surface treatments facility, utilising the latest technologies such as full automation and a state-of-the-art data management system. By using in-house jigging solutions, we can maximise the capacity and quality of our applied treatments, while our 3D modelling and CAD capabilities allow us to create design for manufacture solutions without the physical component.

Our expertise enables us to provide bespoke conversion coating solutions for individual customers throughout multiple industry sectors, adding quality and value to every product.

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BCW Team complete in-house Covid Testing Training

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New Ansuka Board Member

Our parent group, Ansuka have recently announced a newly appointed Board Member Graham Capell. 

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