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The power of partnership

BCW welcomed the opportunity to discuss the “Power of Partnerships” with Production Engineering Solutions Editorial Director, Dave Tudor. Dave spent the date on site discussing the progression and growth of BCW on how they have achieved their success. Read on to find out more:

No business can operate in isolation. We all need suppliers and customers to function efficiently so building strong supply chains and fruitful, longstanding customer partnerships are vital ingredients for success. We see this happening every day in business but in the case of Burnley-based BCW Manufacturing Group and machine tool specialist Ward Hi-Tech, the partnership spans 16 years taking things to an entirely different level. Dave Tudor reports.

This article is not only about the unquestionable benefits that can be realised through the nurturing of strong business relationships; it’s also about how, with the right strategic direction and vision, BCW has experienced growth on a truly meteoric level. Ward Hi-Tech has been part of that journey virtually from day one.
Life began for BCW back in 2002 as a consultancy business with three people operating from a 3,000ft² lock-up unit. Finances were tight, but its first foray into manufacturing was marked with the winning of an order for the production of brackets for an automotive customer.

This threw up an immediate problem: an order but nothing to make it on – a conundrum remedied through a visit to MACH 2002 where a Hitachi machine tool was purchased. So now it was three men, one order, one machine tool.
The next purchase may seem bizarre to some but it totally reflects a quality ethic that runs through the very fabric of the business even today – a Brown & Holmes coordinate measuring machine. Even in those days, making components right first time, every time was a primary objective. Three men; one order; one machine tool; one CMM.
Things evolved: more orders were won; the headcount grew; more machines were purchased and turnover hit the heady heights of £360,000.

It was at this time that the relationship between BCW and Ward Hi-Tech began. Alan Hill, Ward Hi-Tech’s managing director sold two machines to the fledgling business – a Doosan 8” chucking lathe and a Dah Lih 720 machining centre. Now of course, Doosan machines are sold by Mills CNC in the UK but Dah Lih’s extensive range of vertical, horizontal, 5-axis and double column machining centres continue to be key components of Ward Hi-Tech’s product portfolio.

To read the full article follow the link: PES The power of partnership

BCW would like to thank:
Dave Tudor – Editorial Director Production Engineering Solutions
Alan Hill – Managing Director Ward Hi Tech
Trevor Cassie – Managing Director DEM Automation & Workholding

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